100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape Cheats

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If you've never played a 100 Floors or Doors game before, you will learn that the mobile app stores for Android and iOS are flooded with them. Many of these games are developed poorly, but sometimes you'll find a gem in there. 100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape is one of the gems! Although the game contains some easy levels at the beginning, they get much harder as the game progresses. Because of this, we have created a guide that will help you get through all of your trouble areas.

100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape is a puzzling game that has adventure elements mixed into the game play. You won't be moving around but you will be progressing through multiple floors of a building by solving puzzles to open up the elevator doors. The puzzle solving will involve interacting with the objects found around the elevator. When you start the game, the puzzles will be simple ... for instance you might only need to press a switch or move objects out of the way. However, as the game progresses you'll end up with much more sophisticated puzzles that will require you to dig deep and explore every object on the screen to find the answers.

100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape is one of the best 100 Floor games because of the originality of the idea. It can be a challenge to manage the puzzle objects and the many of the puzzles are much more in depth than the previous games. Even though there are advertisements in the game, it is still 100% Free and that is what amkes it the best 100 Floors game yet.

More 100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape cheats will be coming soon so stay tuned!