100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape Cheats for ALL Levels

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Levels 36-40

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100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape Level 36 Walkthrough:

Lights with 6 Red Switches

100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape Floor 36 Solution:

Hint: Look at the which lights are on.

There are 6 lights and 6 switches.  All the lights except for 2 are switched on.

Switch all the red switches to green, except for the top row, middle 2 switches that stays red.

Green = on, red = off.

Top row should be Green, Red, Red, Green

Bottom row: Green, Green

Door will open and you have solved level 36.

100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape Level 37 Walkthrough:

Numbers 1 to 9

100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape Floor 37 Solution:

When you start level 37, the 3x3 grid will be filled with numbers.

Not sure if every time you play the numbers are random.

You need to tap the right boxes in the order from 1 to 9.

Hint: Take a screen-print and view.

100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape Level 38 Walkthrough:

Black Hats, Red Hearts

100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape Floor 38 Solution:

Tap the hats / hearts in order from number 1 to 8.

You need to turn the hat / heart to face the same direction of the number next to it.

When all 8 are correct, the door will open.

100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape Level 39 Walkthrough:

Lock and Chain

100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape Floor 39 Solution:

Pick up the ax

Turn your device upside-down as per the hint on the wall top-left.

While device is upside-down, use the ax to break the chain.

Then press the lift button.

Door will open.

As per the notice:  you are not allowed to turn the silver gear.  If you make a mistake and this gear starts turning, then restart level 39.

100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape Level 40 Walkthrough:

Lots of circles and green lights

100 Floors Escape - The Floor Escape Floor 40 Solution:

There are 5 green lights.

You need fast fingers!  Tap all 5 in very quick succession.  You need all 5 to burn (the go red) at the same time.  The center will light up and the door will open!





Taking a lift could be exceptionally stressful for numerous individuals in particular assuming that they are claustrophobic. Assuming that you are that sort of individual then no stresses here in light of the fact that 100 grounds is not about testing to what extent you can withstand being in a lift or what amount of the yummy music you can continue. 100 Grounds is a riddle diversion where you should tackle a riddle on every ground to open the lift entryway and press on to the following.


Swipe, squeeze, stretch, tilt and shake your route through every deck to open the entryways. Every deck has its particular subject so you won't be appearing to be identical layout every time. Articles are set on certain amazes, which might be gotten and put somewhere else or even discarded. Questions that you can grab go into the stock spaces at the bottom of the screen; the aforementioned articles could be utilized for particular purposes.

Here's a modest guide on the most proficient method to pass the first 3 grounds to give you a general thought of what to envision. Every ground comes to be more expand than the following.

Ground 1 – Essentially tap the green lift bind then when the entryways open tap the green bolt inside the lift to head off to the following deck.

Ground 2 – Tap and drag the trashcan to the right and move it to the left to uncover a green bind. Tap the green bind that was antiquated to put it in your stock. Notwithstanding tap it again from the stock then tap the switch on the divider to place the bind, now you can utilize the catch to open the entryway and move to the 3rd ground.

Ground 3 – The lift entryways show two bolts angling to the left and right, swipe every side in the same way that the shafts show and the entryways will slide open.

Despite the fact that the application is called 100 grounds there are truth be told just 30 at the minute however more are in advancement, all to which are setting off to be considerably more imaginative and natural. I wouldn't be amazed if the visionary goes way past 100 grounds to make this extraordinary amusement perpetual. There were a couple of issues I had with the amusement and one of them was the absence of support. I grimace upon hand holding in an amusement and I myself get a charge out of deciphering puzzlers yet when you are given an intricate confound made by another person it could be close difficult to decipher the riddle without an insight.

Different decks will exhibit a riddle where you will be solicited to tap on a catch or two yet the issues falsehoods in the beat. You may end up tapping the hellfire out of the screen attempting to finalize a riddle yet redesigns are underway to settle the aforementioned issues, until further notice just tap away.

The Verdict

This diversion is #1 on the Application download record being appraised as a standout amongst the most addicting diversions for the iOS yet. The best part about the most addicting diversion for your iPad or iPhone is that its unhindered; who states value includes some significant pitfalls? I foresee that this amusement will go well past 100 decks or possibly even a continuation with updated illustrations. This diversion is incredible for on the go, I propose you download this diversion regardless of the fact that its simply to utilize while on the way, plane or whatever. Download 100 Decks from the Application Store complimentary.